RIMBA X Impact Web3 – Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept for the PIP platform with Rimba an Indonesian and French NGO.

Rimba is a non-profit organization and an ecolodge working hand in hand to foster the development of sustainable tourism.

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The project, led by Rimba, a non-profit organization and ecolodge, aims to address the challenge of deforestation and biodiversity loss on Sumatra Island, Indonesia, which is experiencing alarming rates of deforestation and threats to its unique ecosystem.

The project focuses on the Muaro Duo nature reserve and seeks to conserve biodiversity-rich habitats through various strategies:

  • Creating new protected forest areas through acquisition of forest concessions: Rimba aims to acquire forest concessions jointly managed by the government, local population, and Rimba to protect wild animals and plants.
  • Improving habitat quality and reducing forest fragmentation through reforestation: Rimba is restoring agricultural land and creating wildlife corridors to increase biodiversity and support forest regeneration.
  • Implementing physical protection of existing and new acquisitions: Setting up forest ranger patrols and visible marking of reserve boundaries to enhance protection.




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